Deep Sleep Dummy

Verlag für Moderne Kunst 2016 →

with texts by Simon Maidment and Lucas Gehrmann, english and german, 74 pages

Armed With Fever and Good Health, Torrance Art Museum 2014, english, 26 pages

Asgar/Gabriels’ Autonomous Universe … and other such Anti-Art Gestures by Claire Breukel

We are hungry, in fact very hungry, hilger contemporary 2012, german and english, 36 pages

Cannibals of Appropriation: about Asgar/Gabriel’s latest works by Claudia Slanar


Under the Paving Stones, the Beach, Kunsthallen Brandts 2011; foreword by Lene Burkard and Lars Gambrye, with an aphorism by Marc Quinn; english and danish, 96 pages

Polytrophic Panoramas by Margit Zuckriegl

Revolutions are the new black by Michael Jeppesen

Ariadne mise-en-abyme. About the rethorical figures and painted conditions in Asgar/Gabriel by Synne Genzmer

Auflösung der Ökonomie, Verlag für Moderne Kunst 2011; german 110 pages

D´abord, il faut changer le monde by Martin Stather

soziale utopie als kunstprinzip by Alfred Weidinger

Matrix der sinnlichen Körper by Florian Steininger

Low clouds, high spirits and the island, hilger contemporary 2007, text by Florian Steininger, 40 pages